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Open Source Repositories Have moved

Open Source Repositories Have Moved

by Corey Oordt • Published 11 May 2011

We’ve moved The Washington Times’ open source projects on github to

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Finding which python packages are out-of-date

Finding Which Python Packages Are Out-Of-Date

by Corey Oordt • Published 8 Apr 2011

As your projects get bigger, they collect more and more packages. It can be a chore keeping track of which packages have been updated to fix potential bugs. We have that issue and devised a simple script to tells us which installed packages could use a bit of freshening up.

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Finding Out-of-Sync Packages Across Servers with Fabric

Finding Out-Of-Sync Packages Across Servers With Fabric

by Corey Oordt • Published 1 Dec 2010

We have several servers that are supposed to have the same packages installed, but often get out of sync due over time. To make it easier to find these out-of-sync packages and servers, I wrote a quick fabric script to do the checking for me.

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App-Centric Django Development Part 2: App Factory

App-Centric Django Development Part 2: App Factory

by Corey Oordt • Published 28 Nov 2010

Django makes it easy to start an app with the command ./ startapp. However the app template that it creates is very simple and it creates it within the current project. We need to make the process of creating an independent app that easy, with a much better template.

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App-Centric Django Development Part 1: Introduction

App-Centric Django Development Part 1: Introduction

by Corey Oordt • Published 23 Nov 2010

We’ve created many web sites at The Washington Times, many were just speculative, and most are not around today. In order to prototype a web site quickly, we developed a set of habits that make it easier. I call it “app-centric Django development”.

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Django Alphabet Filter Released with International Character Support

Django Alphabet Filter Released With International Character Support

by Corey Oordt • Published 28 Jul 2010

My previous post about the alphabet filter explained the first take at creating the alphabet filter. There were several issues, especially with international character sets, so we have revised the code to fix the issues and made it installable via PyPI.

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Creating an Alphabetical Filter in Django's Admin

Creating an Alphabetical Filter in Django’s Admin

by Corey Oordt • Published 15 Jul 2010

Do you have lots of alphabetical data to sort through? This alphabetical filter works with any set of characters and is integrated with the admin like the date hierarchy.

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Loading Templates Based on Request Headers in Django

Loading Templates Based on Request Headers in Django

by Corey Oordt • Published 17 Feb 2010

We have been experimenting with A/B testing using Google’s Website Optimizer. The tool is very nice, but we ran into issues with A/B testing in pages with dynamic content. Website Optimizer is really geared for optimizing static pages and elements (like sign-up pages). You have to put the HTML for A and B versions in Website Optimizer up front. That is fine for some CSS changes or button element changes, but not very useful in changing an item whose content is variable

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How we create and deploy sites fast with virtualenv and Django

How We Create and Deploy Sites Fast With Virtualenv and Django

by Corey Oordt • Published 8 Jan 2010

As we discovered some specific tools, we were able to create a workflow for creating, deploying and maintaining sites quickly and easily using Django.

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What a difference a year makes

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Corey Oordt • Published 6 Jan 2010

The end of the year makes me reminisce about all that happened in the past 12 months. Web development at The Washington Times has changed dramatically, both in technology and process.

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Django Object Permissions Proof of Concept

Django Object Permissions Proof of Concept

by Corey Oordt • Published 10 Dec 2009

In the process of refactoring an app, we realized that we needed a general purpose, object-level (or row-level) permission system. So one thing lead to another and it built one. Because of the complexity of object-level or row-level permissions, we wanted to get feedback on the current proof-of-concept from the Web’s best and brightest: the Django developer community.

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Request for Comments: Auto-Installation of Apps in Django

Request for Comments: Auto-Installation of Apps in Django

by Corey Oordt • Published 15 Sep 2009

Lately we’ve come across a bit of an issue with dependencies. We use pip and virtualenv for our projects and it works great for installing Python dependencies. However it is not so great if the dependency is a Django pluggable application. There is more you have to do

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by Hose-A S-Warez • Published 21 Mar 2009

This started out as a simple extension of my blog over a year ago. It was called snippets at the time, and it was merely a project to learn. I also had built a simple paste bin, which was my first django project, with the same purpose. I finally decided to rip the snippet app out of my blog, rename it to tidbits, and try to build it out on it’s own. From start to finish, it was both exciting and frustrating, I learned a whole lot about python, django and even myself.

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Training Video of the Week

Training Video of the Week

by Corey Oordt • Published 26 Jan 2009

Every week at the Washington Times we have a training session that includes watching and discussing a video. Here is the video for 1/23/2009. It was late due to illness.

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I'm lazier then django forms

I’m Lazier Then Django Forms

by Hose-A S-Warez • Published 17 Jan 2009

When I started to learn django, i fell in love with django forms, or newforms as it was called then. It made writing forms a lot more enjoyable. So like many relationship, it started out great, we, (me and django forms), were having a great time together, having fun spending a lot of time together, great. Then we started to get serious and that’s when things became more complicated.

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Training Video of the Week

Training Video of the Week

by Corey Oordt • Published 15 Jan 2009

Every week at the Washington Times we have a training session that includes watching and discussing a video. Here is the video for 1/14/2009.

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