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Open Source Repositories Have moved

Open Source Repositories Have Moved

by Corey Oordt • Published 11 May 2011

We’ve moved The Washington Times’ open source projects on github to

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tag  django - open source - python

Finding which python packages are out-of-date

Finding Which Python Packages Are Out-Of-Date

by Corey Oordt • Published 8 Apr 2011

As your projects get bigger, they collect more and more packages. It can be a chore keeping track of which packages have been updated to fix potential bugs. We have that issue and devised a simple script to tells us which installed packages could use a bit of freshening up.

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tag  django - packaging - pypi - python

4 Lessons learned about multivariate testing

4 Lessons Learned About Multivariate Testing

by Corey Oordt • Published 25 Jan 2011

Our first multivariate test netted a 13-18% increase in customer interaction using our Django testing framework and Google Website Optimizer. We learned a lot on this first go around.

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tag  django - gwo - multivariate - testing

Finding Out-of-Sync Packages Across Servers with Fabric

Finding Out-Of-Sync Packages Across Servers With Fabric

by Corey Oordt • Published 1 Dec 2010

We have several servers that are supposed to have the same packages installed, but often get out of sync due over time. To make it easier to find these out-of-sync packages and servers, I wrote a quick fabric script to do the checking for me.

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tag  django - fabric - packaging - python - servers

App-Centric Django Development Part 2: App Factory

App-Centric Django Development Part 2: App Factory

by Corey Oordt • Published 28 Nov 2010

Django makes it easy to start an app with the command ./ startapp. However the app template that it creates is very simple and it creates it within the current project. We need to make the process of creating an independent app that easy, with a much better template.

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tag  application - development - django - python