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Django Alphabet Filter Released with International Character Support

Django Alphabet Filter Released With International Character Support

by Corey Oordt • Published 28 Jul 2010

My previous post about the alphabet filter explained the first take at creating the alphabet filter. There were several issues, especially with international character sets, so we have revised the code to fix the issues and made it installable via PyPI.

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Creating an Alphabetical Filter in Django's Admin

Creating an Alphabetical Filter in Django’s Admin

by Corey Oordt • Published 15 Jul 2010

Do you have lots of alphabetical data to sort through? This alphabetical filter works with any set of characters and is integrated with the admin like the date hierarchy.

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What a difference a year makes

What a Difference a Year Makes

by Corey Oordt • Published 6 Jan 2010

The end of the year makes me reminisce about all that happened in the past 12 months. Web development at The Washington Times has changed dramatically, both in technology and process.

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Django Object Permissions Proof of Concept

Django Object Permissions Proof of Concept

by Corey Oordt • Published 10 Dec 2009

In the process of refactoring an app, we realized that we needed a general purpose, object-level (or row-level) permission system. So one thing lead to another and it built one. Because of the complexity of object-level or row-level permissions, we wanted to get feedback on the current proof-of-concept from the Web’s best and brightest: the Django developer community.

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Washington Times releases open source projects

Washington Times Releases Open Source Projects

by Corey Oordt • Published 19 Feb 2009

The Washington Times has always focused on content. After careful review, we determined that the best way to have the top tools to produce and publish that content is to release the source code of our in-house tools and encourage collaboration.

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