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by Hose-A S-Warez • Published 21 Mar 2009

This started out as a simple extension of my blog over a year ago. It was called snippets at the time, and it was merely a project to learn. I also had built a simple paste bin, which was my first django project, with the same purpose. I finally decided to rip the snippet app out of my blog, rename it to tidbits, and try to build it out on it’s own. From start to finish, it was both exciting and frustrating, I learned a whole lot about python, django and even myself.

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Will work for fun

Will Work for Fun

by Hose-A S-Warez • Published 12 Feb 2009

I have a few philosophies, such as “if I stop having fun at my job, It’s time to move on.” All the IT related jobs that I have held have been fun in one way or another. For example, my first job in the IT field was doing Coldfusion. We actually had more fun then we should have, and overall, it was a good experience. I’ve also stayed friends with most of the developers and we hang out from time to time.

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I'm lazier then django forms

I’m Lazier Then Django Forms

by Hose-A S-Warez • Published 17 Jan 2009

When I started to learn django, i fell in love with django forms, or newforms as it was called then. It made writing forms a lot more enjoyable. So like many relationship, it started out great, we, (me and django forms), were having a great time together, having fun spending a lot of time together, great. Then we started to get serious and that’s when things became more complicated.

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