Create a Stand-Alone Django Documentation Browser

by Corey Oordt •  Published 9 Feb 2009

I’m constantly quitting and changing browsers. I got tired of having to load up the Django Documentation. I found an easy way to keep up the Django docs by themselves.

I use Fluid, a site-specific browser creator, for Google Reader, and I thought why not for this?

When you launch Fluid, It asks you for a URL, a Name for the application, a location to save the application and what icon to use (it defaults to the web site’s favicon). I created my own PNG and made it the icon.

Once you press the Create button, you can open the application by double clicking on it. To make the application a bit more flexible, open the preferences (command-,) and click on the Advanced icon. There you can add and change the urls that this application will go to. I changed the url to **.

There you have it: a stand-alone browser of the Django documentation.

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